Azure Resource Manager Templates in Azure Stack!

Resource Manager templates are one of the key features in Azure Stack. They provide the ability to deploy an application including all its dependencies in a single operation. we also can redeploy templates to update an application or service when required. Example, there is a Resource Manager template that we can use to deploy a Dev SFB Infra that includes the following:

    • Virtual Networking
    • Storage Accounts
    • Virtual Machine configured with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
    • Virtual Machine configured with SQL Server
    • Virtual Machine configured with a single machine instance of an SFB server with multi roles.

We can create templates by using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and then import them into Resource Manager when creating a new template. In addition to the SFB template mentioned, there are numerous other templates available on GitHub.

To view and download the Azure Stack Resource Manager templates from GitHub, go to the following website.


Other templates that are available include:

    • AD DS
    • SQL Server
    • Simple Virtual Machine

We can deploy templates by using the Azure Stack Portals, Windows PowerShell, Microsoft Visual Studio, or the Azure Command Line Interface (CLI).